Birds watching

Pico Island is an excellent destination for watching birds in their natural habitat. In addition to the endemic species, the Azores are also an important transit point for migratory birds that look for shelter during the winter.

Birds from Pico

Descrição: In Pico island there is a large concentration of small size birds that can be observed in forest and coastal areas and even urban, like the goldfinch and the canary, rapine birds like the goshawk and sea birds like the tern and the shearwater. You will al
Localização: Pico island
Duração: 3h/6h
Número mínimo de participantes: 2
Dificuldade: Easy
Inclui: Transfers, binoculars, activity insurance, personal accident insurance and guide monitoring.
Responsabilidade do cliente: Ensure that you are in good health conditions for the practice of the activity.
Equipamento: Water.

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